importing illustris_python

Charlotte Wilkinson
  • 22 Aug '16

I've just started using illustris and am trying to follow the python tutorial on I'v done the first box creating the directories, however, when it comes to importing the package illustrious_python I get the error "No module named illustris_python" can anyone help with this?



Karen Olsen
  • 2
  • 24 Aug '16

Hi Charlotte,

I had the same problem; because there is no to install the scripts you have to manually add a path to your python path so that python can always find the illustris_python programs. I did so by adding this at the top of my python script:

import site
import illustris_python as il

where path-to-where-illustris_python-folder-is is a string giving the directory where illustris_python/ is. Hope that helps.


Grace O'Dwyer
  • 30 Sep '16

I am a high school student interested in accessing data for a research project through Illustris’ web API. I’ve decided to use Python as my language but that is about as far as I got. I’m having trouble setting up the environment of my computer to access data. I’ve looked at the API getting started guide, but I can’t get through the first line without the interface saying there was an error. I’m also having trouble opening hdf5 files. I am not a programmer so I am very new to this type of work so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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