Introductory Publications:

  1. Properties of galaxies reproduced by a hydrodynamic simulation

    Mark Vogelsberger, Shy Genel, Volker Springel, Paul Torrey, Debora Sijacki, Dandan Xu, Gregory F. Snyder, Simeon Bird, Dylan Nelson, Lars Hernquist

    NATURE (2014) [ads] [arXiv:1405.1418] (May 6, 2014) [nature]

  2. Introducing the Illustris Project: Simulating the coevolution of dark and visible matter in the Universe

    Mark Vogelsberger, Shy Genel, Volker Springel, Paul Torrey, Debora Sijacki, Dandan Xu, Gregory F. Snyder, Dylan Nelson, Lars Hernquist

    MNRAS (2014) [ads] [arXiv:1405.2921] (May 12, 2014)

  3. Introducing the Illustris Project: the evolution of galaxy populations across cosmic time

    Shy Genel, Mark Vogelsberger, Volker Springel, Debora Sijacki, Dylan Nelson, Greg Snyder, Vicente Rodriguez-Gomez, Paul Torrey, Lars Hernquist

    MNRAS (2014) [ads] [arXiv:1405.3749] (May 15, 2014)

  4. The Illustris simulation: Evolving population of black holes across cosmic time

    Debora Sijacki, Mark Vogelsberger, Shy Genel, Volker Springel, Paul Torrey, Greg Snyder, Dylan Nelson, Lars Hernquist

    MNRAS (2015) [ads] [arXiv:1408.6842] (Aug. 28, 2014)

Outreach and Talks:

Publications using Illustris: (chronological)

We list here all the papers submitted to arXiv which have made direct use of the Illustris simulation data or models. If any papers are missing, please let us know with the contact form.

  1. Damped Lyman-alpha absorbers as a probe of stellar feedback

    Simeon Bird, Mark Vogelsberger, Martin Haehnelt, Debora Sijacki, Shy Genel, Paul Torrey, Volker Springel, Lars Hernquist

    MNRAS (2014) [ads] [arXiv:1405.3994] (May 15, 2014)

  2. Halo Mass and Assembly History Exposed in the Faint Outskirts: the Stellar and Dark Matter Haloes of Illustris Galaxies

    Annalisa Pillepich, Mark Vogelsberger, Alis Deason, Vicente Rodriguez-Gomez, Shy Genel, Dylan Nelson, Paul Torrey, Laura V. Sales, Federico Marinacci, Volker Springel, Debora Sijacki, Lars Hernquist

    MNRAS (2014) [ads] [arXiv:1406.1174] (June 4, 2014)

  3. Shock finding on a moving-mesh: I. Shock statistics in non-radiative cosmological simulations

    Kevin Schaal, Volker Springel

    MNRAS (2015) [ads] [arXiv:1407.4117] (July 15, 2014)

  4. Reproducing the Kinematics of Damped Lyman-alpha Systems

    Simeon Bird, Martin Haehnelt, Marcel Neeleman, Shy Genel, Mark Vogelsberger, Lars Hernquist

    MNRAS (2015) [ads] [arXiv:1407.7858] (July 29, 2014)

  5. The star formation main sequence and stellar mass assembly of galaxies in the Illustris simulation

    Martin Sparre, Christopher C. Hayward, Volker Springel, Mark Vogelsberger, Shy Genel, Paul Torrey, Dylan Nelson, Debora Sijacki, Lars Hernquist

    MNRAS (2015) [ads] [arXiv:1409.0009] (Aug. 29, 2014)

  6. The impact of feedback on cosmological gas accretion

    Dylan Nelson, Shy Genel, Mark Vogelsberger, Volker Springel, Debora Sijacki, Paul Torrey, Lars Hernquist

    MNRAS (2015) [ads] [arXiv:1410.5425] (Oct. 20, 2014)

  7. The colors of satellite galaxies in the Illustris Simulation

    Laura V. Sales, Mark Vogelsberger, Shy Genel, Paul Torrey, Dylan Nelson, Vicente Rodriguez-Gomez, Wenting Wang, Annalisa Pillepich, Debora Sijacki, Volker Springel, Lars Hernquist

    MNRAS (2015) [ads] [arXiv:1410.7400] (Oct. 27, 2014)

  8. The Formation of Massive, Compact Galaxies at z=2 in the Illustris Simulation

    Sarah Wellons, Paul Torrey, Chung-Pei Ma, Vicente Rodriguez-Gomez, Mark Vogelsberger, Mariska Kriek, Pieter van Dokkum, Erica Nelson, Shy Genel, Annalisa Pillepich, Volker Springel, Debora Sijacki, Gregory Snyder, Dylan Nelson, Laura Sales, Lars Hernquist

    MNRAS (2015) [ads] [arXiv:1411.0667] (Nov. 3, 2014)

  9. Synthetic Galaxy Images and Spectra from the Illustris Simulation

    Paul Torrey, Gregory F. Snyder, Mark Vogelsberger, Christopher C. Hayward, Shy Genel, Debora Sijacki, Volker Springel, Lars Hernquist, Dylan Nelson, Mariska Kriek, Annalisa Pillepich, Laura V. Sales, Cameron K. McBride

    MNRAS (2015) [ads] [arXiv:1411.3717] (Nov. 13, 2014)

  10. The Impact of Galactic Feedback on the Circumgalactic Medium

    Joshua Suresh, Simeon Bird, Mark Vogelsberger, Shy Genel, Paul Torrey, Debora Sijacki, Volker Springel, Lars Hernquist

    MNRAS (2015) [ads] [arXiv:1501.02267] (Jan. 9, 2015)

  11. The merger rate of galaxies in the Illustris Simulation: a comparison with observations and semi-empirical models.

    Vicente Rodriguez-Gomez, Shy Genel, Mark Vogelsberger, Debora Sijacki, Annalisa Pillepich, Laura V. Sales, Paul Torrey, Greg Snyder, Dylan Nelson, Volker Springel, Chung-Pei Ma, Lars Hernquist

    MNRAS (2015) [ads] [arXiv:1502.01339] (Feb. 4, 2015)

  12. Galaxy Morphology and Star Formation in the Illustris Simulation at z=0.

    Gregory F. Snyder, Paul Torrey, Jennifer M. Lotz, Shy Genel, Cameron K. McBride, Mark Vogelsberger, Annalisa Pillepich, Dylan Nelson, Laura V. Sales, Debora Sijacki, Lars Hernquist, Volker Springel

    MNRAS (2015) [ads] [arXiv:1502.07747] (Feb. 26, 2015)

  13. Hydrogen Reionization in the Illustris Universe.

    Andreas Bauer, Volker Springel, Mark Vogelsberger, Shy Genel, Paul Torrey, Debora Sijacki, Dylan Nelson, Lars Hernquist

    MNRAS (2015) [ads] [arXiv:1503.00734] (March 2, 2015)

  14. Hot Gaseous Coronae around Spiral Galaxies: Probing the Illustris Simulation.

    Akos Bogdan, Mark Vogelsberger, Ralph P. Kraft, Lars Hernquist, Marat Gilfanov, Paul Torrey, Eugene Churazov, Shy Genel, William R. Forman, Stephen S. Murray, Alexey Vikhlinin, Christine Jones, Hans Boehringer

    APJ (2015) [ads] [arXiv:1503.01107] (March 3, 2015)

  15. Galactic Angular Momentum in the Illustris Simulation: Feedback and the Hubble Sequence.

    Shy Genel, S. Michael Fall, Lars Hernquist, Mark Vogelsberger, Gregory F. Snyder, Vicente Rodriguez-Gomez, Debora Sijacki, Volker Springel

    APJL (2015) [ads] [arXiv:1503.01117] (March 3, 2015)

  16. The Illustris Simulation: Public Data Release.

    Dylan Nelson, Annalisa Pillepich, Shy Genel, Mark Vogelsberger, Volker Springel, Paul Torrey, Vicente Rodriguez-Gomez, Debora Sijacki, Gregory F. Snyder, Brendan Griffen, Federico Marinacci, Laura Blecha, Laura Sales, Dandan Xu, Lars Hernquist

    arXiv pre-print [ads] [arXiv:1504.00362] (April 1, 2015)

  17. The large-scale properties of simulated cosmic magnetic fields.

    Federico Marinacci, Mark Vogelsberger, Philip Mocz, Ruediger Pakmor

    MNRAS (2015) [ads] [arXiv:1506.00005] (May 29, 2015)

  18. Baryonic impact on the dark matter distribution in Milky Way-size galaxies and their satellites

    Qirong Zhu, Federico Marinacci, Moupiya Maji, Yuexing Li, Volker Springel, Lars Hernquist

    MNRAS (2016) [ads] [arXiv:1506.05537] (June 18, 2015)

  19. An analysis of the evolving comoving number density of galaxies in hydrodynamical simulations.

    Paul Torrey, Sarah Wellons, Francisco Machado, Brendan Griffen, Dylan Nelson, Vicente Rodriguez-Gomez, Ryan McKinnon, Annalisa Pillepich, Chung-Pei Ma, Mark Vogelsberger, Volker Springel, Lars Hernquist

    MNRAS (2015) [ads] [arXiv:1507.01942] (July 7, 2015)

  20. The diverse evolutionary paths of simulated high-$z$ massive, compact galaxies to $z = 0$.

    Sarah Wellons, Paul Torrey, Chung-Pei Ma, Vicente Rodriguez-Gomez, Annalisa Pillepich, Dylan Nelson, Shy Genel, Mark Vogelsberger, Lars Hernquist

    MNRAS (2016) [ads] [arXiv:1507.02291] (July 8, 2015)

  21. Lens galaxies in the Illustris simulation: power-law models and the bias of the Hubble constant from time-delays.

    Dandan Xu, Dominique Sluse, Peter Schneider, Volker Springel, Mark Vogelsberger, Dylan Nelson, Lars Hernquist

    MNRAS (2016) [ads] [arXiv:1507.07937] (July 28, 2015)

  22. Recoiling black holes: prospects for detection and implications of spin alignment.

    Laura Blecha, Debora Sijacki, Luke Zoltan Kelley, Paul Torrey, Mark Vogelsberger, Dylan Nelson, Volker Springel, Gregory Snyder, Lars Hernquist

    MNRAS (2016) [ads] [arXiv:1508.01524] (Aug. 6, 2015)

  23. Large-Scale Mass Distribution in the Illustris-Simulation.

    Markus Haider, Dominik Steinhauser, Mark Vogelsberger, Shy Genel, Volker Springel, Paul Torrey, Lars Hernquist

    MNRAS (2016) [ads] [arXiv:1508.01525] (Aug. 6, 2015)

  24. Physical origin of the large-scale conformity in the specific star formation rates of galaxies.

    Guinevere Kauffmann

    MNRAS (2015) [ads] [arXiv:1508.02400] (Aug. 10, 2015)

  25. Modeling Galactic Conformity with the Color-Halo Age Relation in the Illustris Simulation.

    Aaron D. Bray, Annalisa Pillepich, Laura V. Sales, Emily Zhu, Shy Genel, Vicente Rodriguez-Gomez, Paul Torrey, Dylan Nelson, Mark Vogelsberger, Volker Springel, Daniel J. Eisenstein, Lars Hernquist

    MNRAS (2016) [ads] [arXiv:1508.05393] (Aug. 21, 2015)

  26. On the Assembly of Dwarf Galaxies in Clusters and their Efficient Formation of Globular Clusters.

    Pouria A. Mistani, Laura V. Sales, Annalisa Pillepich, Ruben Sanchez-Janssen, Mark Vogelsberger, Dylan Nelson, Vicente Rodriguez-Gomez, Paul Torrey, Lars Hernquist

    MNRAS (2016) [ads] [arXiv:1509.00030] (Aug. 31, 2015)

  27. A Keck Adaptive Optics Survey of a Representative Sample of Gravitationally-Lensed Star-Forming Galaxies: High Spatial Resolution Studies of Kinematics and Metallicity Gradients

    Nicha Leethochawalit, Tucker A. Jones, Richard S. Ellis, Daniel P. Stark, Johan Richard, Adi Zitrin, Matthew Auger

    APJ (2016) [ads] [arXiv:1509.01279] (Sept. 3, 2015)

  28. The SFR-M* Relation and Empirical Star-Formation Histories from ZFOURGE at 0.5 < z < 4

    Adam R. Tomczak, Ryan F. Quadri, Kim-Vy H. Tran, Ivo Labbe, Caroline M. S. Straatman, Casey Papovich, Karl Glazebrook, Rebecca Allen, Gabreil B. Brammer, Michael Cowley, Mark Dickinson, David Elbaz, Hanae Inami, Glenn G. Kacprzak, Glenn E. Morrison, Themiya Nanayakkara, S. Eric Persson, Glen A. Rees, Brett Salmon, Corentin Schreiber, Lee R. Spitler, Katherine E. Whitaker

    APJ (2016) [ads] [arXiv:1510.06072] (Oct. 20, 2015)

  29. The Mass Profile of the Milky Way to the Virial Radius from the Illustris Simulation.

    Corbin Taylor, Michael Boylan-Kolchin, Paul Torrey, Mark Vogelsberger, Lars Hernquist

    MNRAS (2016) [ads] [arXiv:1510.06409] (Oct. 21, 2015)

  30. Intrinsic alignments of disk and elliptical galaxies in the MassiveBlack-II and Illustris simulations.

    Ananth Tenneti, Rachel Mandelbaum, Tiziana Di Matteo

    MNRAS (2016) [ads] [arXiv:1510.07024] (Oct. 23, 2015)

  31. Machine Learning and Cosmological Simulations II: Hydrodynamical Simulations.

    Harshil M. Kamdar, Matthew J. Turk, Robert J. Brunner

    MNRAS (2016) [ads] [arXiv:1510.07659] (Oct. 26, 2015)

  32. On the OVI Abundance in the Circumgalactic Medium of Low-Redshift Galaxies.

    Joshua Suresh, Kate H. R. Rubin, Rahul Kannan, Jessica K. Werk, Lars Hernquist, Mark Vogelsberger

    arXiv pre-print [ads] [arXiv:1511.00687] (Nov. 2, 2015)

  33. Assessing the Jeans Anisotropic Multi-Gaussian Expansion method with the Illustris simulation.

    Hongyu Li, Ran Li, Shude Mao, Dandan Xu, R. J. Long, Eric Emsellem

    MNRAS (2016) [ads] [arXiv:1511.00789] (Nov. 3, 2015)

  34. The stellar mass assembly of galaxies in the Illustris simulation: growth by mergers and the spatial distribution of accreted stars.

    Vicente Rodriguez-Gomez, Annalisa Pillepich, Laura V. Sales, Shy Genel, Mark Vogelsberger, Qirong Zhu, Sarah Wellons, Dylan Nelson, Paul Torrey, Volker Springel, Chung-Pei Ma, Lars Hernquist

    MNRAS (2016) [ads] [arXiv:1511.08804] (Nov. 27, 2015)

  35. Simulating the Carbon Footprint of Galactic Halos.

    Simeon Bird, Kate H. R. Rubin, Joshua Suresh, Lars Hernquist

    MNRAS (2016) [ads] [arXiv:1512.02221] (Dec. 7, 2015)

  36. Evolution of dwarf spheroidal satellites in the common surface-density dark halos

    Yusuke Okayasu, Masashi Chiba

    APJ (2016) [ads] [arXiv:1601.00375] (Jan. 4, 2016)

  37. How Environment Affects Galaxy Metallicity through Stripping and Formation History: Lessons from the Illustris Simulation.

    Shy Genel

    APJ (2016) [ads] [arXiv:1602.02773] (Feb. 8, 2016)

  38. Discrepancies between CFHTLenS cosmic shear & Planck: new physics or systematic effects?.

    Thomas D. Kitching, Licia Verde, Alan F. Heavens, Raul Jimenez

    MNRAS (2016) [ads] [arXiv:1602.02960] (Feb. 9, 2016)

  39. The Missing Satellite Problem in 3D

    A. M. Nierenberg, T. Treu, N. Menci, Y. Lu, Paul Torrey, M. Vogelsberger

    MNRAS (2016) [ads] [arXiv:1603.01614] (March 4, 2016)

  40. Discriminating Topology in Galaxy Distributions using Network Analysis.

    Sungryong Hong, Bruno Coutinho, Arjun Dey, Albert -L. Barabási, Mark Vogelsberger, Lars Hernquist, Karl Gebhardt

    MNRAS (2016) [ads] [arXiv:1603.02285] (March 7, 2016)

  41. The Local Group: The Ultimate Deep Field

    Michael Boylan-Kolchin, Daniel R. Weisz, James S. Bullock, Michael C. Cooper

    MNRAS (2016) [ads] [arXiv:1603.02679] (March 8, 2016)

  42. Testing the effect of galactic feedback on the IGM at z ~ 6 with metal-line absorbers.

    Laura C. Keating, Ewald Puchwein, Martin G. Haehnelt, Simeon Bird, James S. Bolton

    MNRAS (2016) [ads] [arXiv:1603.03332] (March 10, 2016)

  43. KMOS^3D: Dynamical constraints on the mass budget in early star-forming disks

    S. Wuyts, N. M. Förster Schreiber, E. Wisnioski, R. Genzel, A. Burkert, K. Bandara, A. Beifiori, S. Belli, R. Bender, G. B. Brammer, J. Chan, R. Davies, M. Fossati, A. Galametz, S. K. Kulkarni, P. Lang, D. Lutz, J. T. Mendel, I. G. Momcheva, T. Naab, E. J. Nelson, R. P. Saglia, S. Seitz, L. J. Tacconi, K. Tadaki, H. Übler, P. G. van Dokkum, D. J. Wilman, E. Wuyts

    APJ (2016) [ads] [arXiv:1603.03432] (March 10, 2016)

  44. The Network Behind the Cosmic Web

    B. C. Coutinho, Sungryong Hong, Kim Albrecht, Arjun Dey, Albert-László Barabási, Paul Torrey, Mark Vogelsberger, Lars Hernquist

    arXiv pre-print [ads] [arXiv:1604.03236] (April 12, 2016)

  45. Evolution of galaxy groups in the Illustris simulation.

    Mojtaba Raouf, Habib G. Khosroshahi, Ali A. Dariush

    APJ (2016) [ads] [arXiv:1604.05315] (April 18, 2016)

  46. Shock finding on a moving-mesh: II. Hydrodynamic shocks in the Illustris universe.

    Kevin Schaal, Volker Springel, Rüdiger Pakmor, Christoph Pfrommer, Dylan Nelson, Mark Vogelsberger, Shy Genel, Annalisa Pillepich, Debora Sijacki, Lars Hernquist

    MNRAS (2016) [ads] [arXiv:1604.07401] (April 25, 2016)

  47. Zooming in on major mergers: dense, starbursting gas in cosmological simulations.

    Martin Sparre, Volker Springel

    MNRAS (2016) [ads] [arXiv:1604.08205] (April 27, 2016)

  48. Giant Lyman-Alpha Nebulae in the Illustris Simulation.

    Max Gronke, Simeon Bird

    APJ (2017) [ads] [arXiv:1605.03598] (May 11, 2016)

  49. Spherical Cows in Dark Matter Indirect Detection.

    Nicolás Bernal, Lina Necib, Tracy R. Slatyer

    JCAP (2016) [ads] [arXiv:1606.00433] (June 1, 2016)

  50. Massive Black Hole Binary Mergers in Dynamical Galactic Environments.

    Luke Zoltan Kelley, Laura Blecha, Lars Hernquist

    MNRAS (2016) [ads] [arXiv:1606.01900] (June 6, 2016)

  51. Intrinsic Alignments in the Illustris Simulation.

    Stefan Hilbert, Dandan Xu, Peter Schneider, Volker Springel, Mark Vogelsberger, Lars Hernquist

    MNRAS (2017) [ads] [arXiv:1606.03216] (June 10, 2016)

  52. Forward and backward galaxy evolution in comoving number density space

    Paul Torrey, Sarah Wellons, Chung-Pei Ma, Philip F. Hopkins, Mark Vogelsberger

    MNRAS (2017) [ads] [arXiv:1606.07271] (June 23, 2016)

  53. An improved probabilistic approach for linking progenitor and descendant galaxy populations using comoving number density

    Sarah Wellons, Paul Torrey

    MNRAS (2017) [ads] [arXiv:1606.07815] (June 24, 2016)

  54. The impact of galactic properties and environment on the quenching of central and satellite galaxies: A comparison between SDSS, Illustris and L-Galaxies.

    Asa F. L. Bluck, J. Trevor Mendel, Sara L. Ellison, David R. Patton, Luc Simard, Bruno M. B. Henriques, Paul Torrey, Hossen Teimoorinia, Jorge Moreno, Else Starkenburg

    MNRAS (2016) [ads] [arXiv:1607.03318] (July 12, 2016)

  55. The Evolution of Galaxy Number Density at z < 8 and its Implications

    Christopher J. Conselice, Aaron Wilkinson, Kenneth Duncan, Alice Mortlock

    APJ (2016) [ads] [arXiv:1607.03909] (July 13, 2016)

  56. Angular momentum properties of haloes and their baryon content in the Illustris simulation.

    Jolanta Zjupa, Volker Springel

    MNRAS (2017) [ads] [arXiv:1608.01323] (Aug. 3, 2016)

  57. The Califa and Hipass velocity function for all morphological galaxy types

    S. Bekeraitė, C.J. Walcher, L. Wisotzki, D.J. Croton, J. Falcón-Barroso, M. Lyubenova, D. Obreschkow, S.F.Sánchez, K.Spekkens, P. Torrey, G. van de Ven, M.A. Zwaan, Y. Ascasibar, J. Bland-Hawthorn, R. González-Delgado, B. Husemann, R.A. Marino, M. Vogelsberger, B. Ziegler, the CALIFA collaboration

    APJL (2016) [ads] [arXiv:1608.01677] (Aug. 4, 2016)

  58. The Column Density Distribution of the Low-Redshift Lyman-Alpha Forest in Illustris.

    Alex Gurvich, Blakesley Burkhart, Simeon Bird

    APJ (2017) [ads] [arXiv:1608.03293] (Aug. 10, 2016)

  59. The morphology and kinematics of neutral hydrogen in the vicinity of z=0 galaxies with Milky Way masses -- a study with the Illustris simulation.

    Guinevere Kauffmann, Dylan Nelson, Sanchayeeta Borthakur

    MNRAS (2016) [ads] [arXiv:1608.03653] (Aug. 12, 2016)

  60. Testing galaxy formation models with galaxy stellar mass functions

    Seunghwan Lim, Houjun Mo, Ting-Wen Lan, Brice Ménard

    MNRAS (2016) [ads] [arXiv:1608.05086] (Aug. 17, 2016)

  61. The impact of baryonic physics on the subhalo mass function and implications for gravitational lensing.

    Giulia Despali, Simona Vegetti

    MNRAS (2017) [ads] [arXiv:1608.06938] (Aug. 24, 2016)

  62. Orbits of Massive Satellite Galaxies: I. A Close Look at the Large Magellanic Cloud and a New Orbital History for M33.

    Ekta Patel, Gurtina Besla, Tony Sohn

    MNRAS (2017) [ads] [arXiv:1609.04823] (Sept. 15, 2016)

  63. Black hole clustering and duty cycles in the Illustris simulation.

    Colin DeGraf, Debora Sijacki

    MNRAS (2017) [ads] [arXiv:1609.06727] (Sept. 21, 2016)

  64. Quiescence correlates strongly with directly-measured black hole mass in central galaxies

    Bryan A. Terrazas, Eric F. Bell, Bruno M. B. Henriques, Simon D. M. White, Andrea Cattaneo, Joanna Woo

    APJL (2016) [ads] [arXiv:1609.07141] (Sept. 22, 2016)

  65. The role of mergers and halo spin in shaping galaxy morphology.

    Vicente Rodriguez-Gomez, Laura V. Sales, Shy Genel, Annalisa Pillepich, Jolanta Zjupa, Dylan Nelson, Brendan Griffen, Paul Torrey, Gregory F. Snyder, Mark Vogelsberger, Volker Springel, Chung-Pei Ma, Lars Hernquist

    MNRAS (2017) [ads] [arXiv:1609.09498] (Sept. 29, 2016)

  66. The information content of stellar halos: Stellar population gradients and accretion histories in early-type Illustris galaxies.

    B. A. Cook, C. Conroy, A. Pillepich, V. Rodriguez-Gomez, L. Hernquist

    APJ (2016) [ads] [arXiv:1610.00014] (Sept. 30, 2016)

  67. Massive Close Pairs Measure Rapid Galaxy Assembly in Mergers at High Redshift.

    Gregory F. Snyder, Jennifer M. Lotz, Vicente Rodriguez-Gomez, Renato da Silva Guimaraes, Paul Torrey, Lars Hernquist

    MNRAS (2017) [ads] [arXiv:1610.01156] (Oct. 4, 2016)

  68. Diagnosing galactic feedback with the line broadening in the low redshift Lyman-alpha forest

    M. Viel, M. G. Haehnelt, J. S. Bolton, T.-S. Kim, E. Puchwein, F. Nasir, B. P. Wakker

    MNRAS (2017) [ads] [arXiv:1610.02046] (Oct. 6, 2016)

  69. Non-parametric Morphologies of Mergers in the Illustris Simulation.

    Lucas A. Bignone, Patricia B. Tissera, Emanuel Sillero, Susana E. Pedrosa, Leonardo J. Pellizza, Diego G. Lambas

    MNRAS (2017) [ads] [arXiv:1610.02416] (Oct. 7, 2016)

  70. The unorthodox evolution of major merger remnants into star-forming spiral galaxies

    Martin Sparre, Volker Springel

    arXiv pre-print [ads] [arXiv:1610.03850] (Oct. 12, 2016)

  71. The metal enrichment of passive galaxies in cosmological simulations of galaxy formation

    Takashi Okamoto, Masahiro Nagashima, Cedric G. Lacey, Carlos S. Frenk

    MNRAS (2017) [ads] [arXiv:1610.06578] (Oct. 20, 2016)

  72. Characterising the evolving $K$-band luminosity function using the UltraVISTA, CANDELS and HUDF surveys

    Alice Mortlock, Ross J. McLure, Rebecca A. A. Bowler, Derek J. McLeod, Esther Marmol-Queralto, Shaghayegh Parsa, James S. Dunlop, Victoria A. Bruce

    MNRAS (2017) [ads] [arXiv:1610.06574] (Oct. 20, 2016)

  73. The inner structure of early-type galaxies in the Illustris simulation.

    Dandan Xu, Volker Springel, Dominique Sluse, Peter Schneider, Alessandro Sonnenfeld, Dylan Nelson, Mark Vogelsberger, Lars Hernquist

    MNRAS (2017) [ads] [arXiv:1610.07605] (Oct. 24, 2016)

  74. Galaxy gas as obscurer: I. GRBs x-ray galaxies and find a N_H ~ M* relation.

    Johannes Buchner, Steve Schulze, Franz E. Bauer

    MNRAS (2017) [ads] [arXiv:1610.09379] (Oct. 28, 2016)

  75. Galaxy gas as obscurer: II. Separating the galaxy-scale and nuclear obscurers of Active Galactic Nuclei.

    Johannes Buchner, Franz E. Bauer

    MNRAS (2017) [ads] [arXiv:1610.09380] (Oct. 28, 2016)

  76. The Next Generation Virgo Cluster Survey (NGVS). XXIV. The Red Sequence to $\sim$10$^6$ L$_{\odot}$ and Comparisons with Galaxy Formation Models

    Joel C. Roediger, Laura Ferrarese, Patrick Côté, Lauren A. MacArthur, Rúben Sánchez-Janssen, John P. Blakeslee, Eric W. Peng, Chengze Liu, Roberto Munoz, Jean-Charles Cuillandre, Stephen Gwyn, Simona Mei, Samuel Boissier, Alessandro Boselli, Michele Cantiello, Stéphane Courteau, Pierre-Alain Duc, Ariane Lançon, J. Christopher Mihos, Thomas H. Puzia, James E. Taylor, Patrick R. Durrell, Elisa Toloba, Puragra Guhathakurta, Hongxin Zhang

    APJ (2017) [ads] [arXiv:1610.09377] (Oct. 28, 2016)

  77. A box full of chocolates: The rich structure of the nearby stellar halo revealed by Gaia and RAVE

    Amina Helmi, Jovan Veljanoski, Maarten A. Breddels, Hao Tian, Laura V. Sales

    AAP (2017) [ads] [arXiv:1611.00222] (Nov. 1, 2016)

  78. Small-scale galaxy clustering in the EAGLE simulation

    M. Celeste Artale, Susana E. Pedrosa, James W. Trayford, Tom Theuns, Daniel J. Farrow, Peder Norberg, Idit Zehavi, Richard G. Bower, Matthieu Schaller

    arXiv pre-print [ads] [arXiv:1611.05064] (Nov. 15, 2016)

  79. Subhalo Demographics in the Illustris Simulation: Effects of Baryons and Halo-to-Halo Variation.

    Kun Ting Eddie Chua, Annalisa Pillepich, Vicente Rodriguez-Gomez, Mark Vogelsberger, Simeon Bird, Lars Hernquist

    arXiv pre-print [ads] [arXiv:1611.07991] (Nov. 23, 2016)

  80. Lensing is Low: Cosmology, Galaxy Formation, or New Physics?

    Alexie Leauthaud, Shun Saito, Stefan Hilbert, Alexandre Barreira, Surhud More, Martin White, Shadab Alam, Peter Behroozi, Kevin Bundy, Jean Coupon, Thomas Erben, Catherine Heymans, Hendrik Hildebrandt, Rachel Mandelbaum, Lance Miller, Bruno Moraes, Maria E. S. Pereira, Sergio A. Rodriguez-Torres, Fabian Schmidt, Huan-Yuan Shan, Matteo Viel, Francisco Villaescusa-Navarro

    MNRAS (2017) [ads] [arXiv:1611.08606] (Nov. 25, 2016)

  81. Mg II Absorption at 2<z<7 with Magellan/FIRE, III. Full Statistics of Absorption Towards 100 High-Redshift QSOs.

    Shi-Fan S. Chen, Robert A. Simcoe, Paul Torrey, Eduardo Bañados, Kathy Cooksey, Tom Cooper, Gabor Furesz, Michael Matejek, Daniel Miller, Monica Turner, Bram Venemans, Roberto Decarli, Emanuele P. Farina, Chiara Mazzucchelli, Fabian Walter

    arXiv pre-print [ads] [arXiv:1612.02829] (Dec. 8, 2016)

  82. Implications of galaxy buildup for putative IMF variations in massive galaxies.

    Kirsten Blancato, Shy Genel, Greg Bryan

    arXiv pre-print [ads] [arXiv:1612.05658] (Dec. 16, 2016)

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