Press coverage includes articles from more than 35 countries in 20 different languages, so more than likely you will be able to find a professional translation of the big ideas behind Illustris in your language of choice. If we are missing an important reference here, please drop us a note on the Contact Form. Thanks!

Press Releases:

The universe in a cube

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

7 May, 2014 [English]

Astronomers Create First Realistic Virtual Universe

Harvard University - Center for Astrophysics

7 May, 2014 [English]

In "Nature": Galaxies out of a Supercomputer

Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies

7 May, 2014 [English], [Deutsch]

Illustris Simulation Postage Stamp

Deutsche Post

18 Dec, 2018 [English], [Purchase in Germany]

Astronomers create first realistic virtual universe

University of Cambridge - Institute for Astronomy

7 May, 2014 [English]

Cosmic Simulation: Where no Supercomputer has gone before

Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (PRACE)

9 May, 2014 [English]

Major News Coverage:

Universe evolution recreated in lab

BBC News (UK)

7 May, 2014 [English]

See the universe form before your eyes: Most accurate re-creation yet

Los Angeles Times (US)

7 May, 2014 [English]

Weltall-Simulation: 13 Milliarden Jahre in drei Minuten

Der Spiegel (DE)

7 May, 2014 [Deutsch]

Universe recreated in massive computer simulation

The Guardian (UK)

7 May, 2014 [English]

Virtual world tops cosmic charts for scale, rigor

Washington Post (US)

7 May, 2014 [English]

13,8 milliards d’années d’évolution cosmique en 2 minutes

Le Monde (FR)

7 May, 2014 [Français]

Crean máquina del tiempo virtual que recrea vida del univer

Taringa! (Argentina)

9 May, 2014 [Español]

See the universe form before your eyes: Most accurate re-creation yet

Chicago Tribune (US)

7 May, 2014 [English]

Stalking the shadow universe

New York Times (US)

16 July, 2014 [English]

How our universe grew up


8 May, 2014 [English]

Une simulation retrace en deux minutes 13 milliards d'années d'histoire de l'Univers

Le Figaro (FR)

8 May, 2014 [Français]

Цифровую Вселенную не отличишь от реальной (RU)

8 May, 2014 [Русский]

13,8 milliarder år på tre minutter

Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NO)

8 May, 2014 [Norsk bokmål]

First realistic virtual universe created

The Times of India

9 May, 2014 [English]

Out of This World! Virtual Universe Looks Like the Real Thing

NBC News (US)

7 May, 2014 [English]

New Universe Simulation Shows Evolution Of Cosmos In Unprecedented Detail

Huffington Post (US)

7 May, 2014 [English]

Video Coverage and Interviews:

Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (Deutsch)

Galaxien aus dem Großrechner (Interview with Dr. Volker Springel)

ABC Australia - Catalyst (English)

Virtual Universe 'Illustris' w/ Dr. Paul Torrey

Newsy News (English)

New Simulation Shows Evolution Of The Universe

BBC (English)

BBC News segment w/ Dr. Debora Sijacki

New York Times (English)

The Shadow Universe Revealed

Agenzia Spaziale Italiana - AsiTV (Italiano)

Illustris simulation: così si è evoluto l'Universo

Radio Coverage and Interviews:

The new Illustris simulation lifts the veil on early galaxy formation

BBC World Service (7:00, English)

7 May, 2014 (w/ Mike Boylan-Kolchin)

Early Universe Mode

BBC Radio (1:40, English)

8 May, 2014 (w/ Debora Sijacki)

Wie ein Universum entsteht

Radio Eins (8:30, Deutsch)

10 May, 2014 (w/ Volker Springel)

Additional News Coverage:

Simulation über die Entstehung des Universums

N24 (DE)

8 May, 2014 [Deutsch]

Neue Simulation zur Strukturbildung im Kosmos: 13 Milliarden Jahre im Zeitraffer

Neue Zurcher Zeitung (Switzerland)

7 May, 2014 [Deutsch]

Illustris: Best computer model yet of the universe

The New Zealand Herald

8 May, 2014 [English]

Big Bang simulation

Raidió Teilifís Éireann (Ireland)

7 May, 2014 [English]

Physicists Build Incredible Scale Model Of A Universe For The First Time

Huffington Post (UK)

8 May, 2014 [English]

14 מיליארד שנה בשתי דקות: מדענים יצרו הדמיה ויזואלית של התפתחות היקום

Haaretz (Israel)

8 May, 2014 [עברית] [English]

So genau haben Sie die Entwicklung des Alls noch nie gesehen

Focus (Germany)

7 May, 2014 [Deutsch]

This Is the Most Accurate Simulation of the Universe Ever

VICE/Motherboard (US)

7 May, 2014 [English]

XSEDE Supercomputers Laid the Foundation for an Unprecedented Simulation of Cosmological Evolution

National Institute for Computational Sciences (US)

20 July, 2014 [English]

See epic computer sim re-create the universe

CNet (US)

7 May, 2014 [English]

Superlativer Einblick in das Universum

Die Welt (DE)

7 May, 2014 [Deutsch]

Watch Stunning First Simulation of Universe’s 13-Billion-Year Evolution

National Geographic (US)

8 May, 2014 [English]

Simulating 13 billion years of the universe

Public Broadcasting Corporation (US)

7 May, 2014 [English]

Une simulation de la création de l'univers en moins de 6 minutes

Radio Télévision Suisse (Switzerland)

9 May, 2014 [Français]

Scientists Just Created The Best Simulation Of The Universe Ever

Business Insider (US)

7 May, 2014 [English]

Od Wielkiego Wybuchu aż po dziś. Komputerowa symulacja ewolucji Wszechświata (Poland)

7 May, 2014 [Polszczyzna]

Supercomputers Simulate the Universe in Unprecedented Detail

Wired (US)

7 May, 2014 [English]

MIT constrói a mais detalhada simulação do cosmos de sempre

Publico (Portugal)

8 May, 2014 [Português]

Universe's evolution mapped in unprecedented detail

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CA)

7 May, 2014 [English]

Wie das Universum entstanden ist

Österreichischer Rundfunk (Austria)

7 May, 2014 [Deutsch]

Verblüffend realistisch: Computer simuliert den Kosmos


7 May, 2014 [Deutsch]

In 2,5 Minuten durch 13 Milliarden Jahre

Bayerischer Rundfunk (DE)

8 May, 2014 [Deutsch]

Simulação digital recria evolução do cosmo com detalhes sem precedentes

Folha de S.Paulo (BR)

8 May, 2014 [Português]

Watch 13 BILLION years of cosmic evolution in 3 minutes

The Daily Mail (UK)

7 May, 2014 [English]

Tietokone loihti viimein toimivan universumin mallin

Helsingin Sanomat (Finland)

8 May, 2014 [Suomi]

Προσομοίωση της εξέλιξης του σύμπαντος από το «Μπιγκ Μπανγκ» μέχρι σήμερα

I Kathimerini (Greece)

8 May, 2014 [ελληνικά]

Best Model Yet for Cosmic Evolution

Sky and Telescope (US)

7 May, 2014 [English]

Other Fun Coverage:

Featured on APOD, some really great explanations about the project on Youtube, and other creative efforts building off of the Illustris simulation.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

12 May, 2014

Youtube: Watching the universe evolve

Science News (English)

8 May, 2014

Youtube: Major New Cosmic Simulation: Why it's Significant

SpaceRip (English)

9 May, 2014

Youtube: Crean 'una máquina del tiempo virtual' que recrea toda la 'vida' del universo

BFNews (Español)

10 May, 2014

Top Physics News of 2014

Physics Database

25 December, 2014

Dark Matter: Behind the Scenes of the Universe

iPhone App w/ Illustris Visuals

7 January, 2015

Youtube: The astonishing 13.5 billion year simulator

This is Genius (English)

8 May, 2014

Youtube: New Simulation Re-Spins the Cosmic Web More Accurately

Video from (English)

7 May, 2014

Youtube: A Virtual Universe

SciShow Space (English)

15 May, 2014

Youtube: We've Simulated The ENTIRE Universe!

DNews (English)

9 May, 2014

Building the Universe Pixel by Pixel

The Kavli Foundation

20 Aug, 2014


The Illustris visualization designed for immersive planetarium domes has been acquired by the following planetariums, for screenings, incorporation into shows, or future projects:

Abrams Planetarium

Arsenal Technical High School

At-Bristol Planetarium

Bishop Planetarium

Blue Cross Blue Shield Planetarium

Burke Baker Planetarium (Houston Museum of Natural Science)

Charles County James E. Richmond Science Center

Clark Planetarium, Salt Lake City

Colgate University Planetarium

Copernicus Science Center Planetarium, Warsaw

Center of Science and Industry, Ohio (COSI)

Cranbrook Institute of Science Planetarium

CSN Planetarium

Delta College Planetarium & Learning Center

Digitales Planetarios

Dorrance Planetarium, Arizona Science Center

Eretz Isreal Museum

ESO Supernova, Garching

Espinho Planetarium, Portugal

Evans & Sutherland

Fiske Planetarium: University of Colorado at Boulder

Gems American Academy, Abu Dhabi

Gluecksburg Planetarium, Flensburg University

Harry S. Truman High School

Haus der Astronomie, MPIA Heidelberg

Hayden Planetarium, Boston Museum of Science

Ho Tung Visualization Lab

Hudnall Planetarium (Center For Earth and Space Science Education)

Infini*To - Planetario di Torino

Infoversum, Netherlands

Koch Immersive Theater

Mesa Community College Planetarium, Arizona

Mount San Antonio College (MT. SAC)

NatuHistorisches Museum Wien (NHM)

Lund Observatory, Sweden [Cosmic Light Show]

Morrison Planetarium, California Academy of Sciences

Ningbo Science Exploration Center

Northern Kentucky University

OSU Planetarium

Royal Observatory in London (Greenwich)

Royden G. Derrick Planetarium at BYU

Särkänniemi Planetarium

Science Centre Singapore

Science Museum of Virginia

Science North Planetarium

Sky-Skan, Inc

Society for Arts and Technology, Montreal (Globaia)

South Florida Museum Planetarium

Südtirol/Alto Adige Planetarium, Italy

SUNY Oneonta Planetarium

Tidewater Community College Planetarium

U.T. Arlington Planetarium

University of North Georgia

Wetherbee Planetarium, Thronateeska Heritage Center

William M Staerkel Planetarium, Parkland College

Wolfsburg Planetarium

Black Holes Banish Matter into Cosmic Voids:

An investigation of the Illustris simulation led by Markus Haider found that supermassive blackholes can fill cosmic voids with a large fraction of the baryonic matter of the universe.

Science Paper: Large-Scale Mass Distribution in the Illustris simulation

arXiv pre-print server

6 Aug, 2015

Massive voids in space contain 20% of universe's 'normal matter'

International Business Times (UK)

25 Feb, 2016

"Cosmic Voids" May Hold A Fifth Of All Matter In The Universe


24 Feb, 2016

Schwarze Löcher blasen Materie in kosmische Hohlräume

Salzburger Nachrichten (Deutsch)

26 Feb, 2016

Black holes stash matter in cosmic voids

Cosmos Magazine

26 Feb, 2016

Vuoti cosmici? Non proprio

Notiziario Online dell INAF (Italiano)

29 Feb, 2016

Phát hiện không ngờ về hình dáng của vũ trụ trong không gian

Soha News (Vietnamese)

3 March, 2016