Galaxy PNG images and fits files from Torrey et al. (2014) with image realism as described in Snyder et al., (2014) can be downloaded through this site. The tools used to render PNG images from the raw SUNRISE FITS files can be found here. The filter curves used to generate these images can be found here. You can get a visual overview with the infinitely scrolling gallery.

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Stellar Mass Limits
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Total Mass Limits
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Gas Mass Limits
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Black Hole Mass Limits
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Subhalo Number
Subhalo Number List

ID Log Stellar Mass Subfind Image (SB99) FoF Image (BC03) GZ Image (BC03 + Realism)
93165 12.293
99148 12.195
117343 12.051
127228 12.111
129770 12.019
132699 12.004
138413 12.037
142714 12.208
146855 12.013
157165 12.077