could you upload virial radius of subhaloes?

Taehwa Yoo
  • 30 Nov '17

In subhalo catalog, half-mass radius is presented but virial radius is not. To measure interaction between subhaloes, we need to know their virial radius or tidal radius. we can calculate it from particle information but this is too time-consuming for our computers. Could you upoload virial radius or virial mass of subhaloes?

Dylan Nelson
  • 3 Dec '17

Hi Taehwa,

You're right, there are no virial radii for satellite subhalos. In any case, this wouldn't make much sense.

You're right, if you would like the tidal radii instead of the half-mass radii, this would be interesting to compute. Unfortunately, this isn't available from our side, but you could do this from the particle information.

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