question when using subhalo catalog(subhaloparent)

Taehwa Yoo
  • 17 Nov '17

Hi, i have a question when I use subhalo catalog. it is about subhaloparent, what does it exactly mean? it saids that it is subhalo table of unique SUBF host/parent of subhalo and I don't know what SUBF stands for.

Actually, I'm trying to elliminate satellite galaxies in my research. First, i assumed subhaloparents means primary/secondary/third/... massive subhalo in group so I selected central galaxy by choosing subhalo whose subhaloparents=0. Alternatively, I also chose subhalo whose Groupfirstsub is not -1 because Groupfirstsub means primary subhaloes in group. The first and second method results different number of subhaloes that means subhaloparents doesn 't mean what I thought.

Dylan Nelson
  • 1
  • 18 Nov '17

Hi Taehwa,

"SUBF" means "subhalo" or "subfind subhalo", same thing.

If you load the GroupFirstSub field for all groups (note: not subhalos!), this is a list of subhalo IDs/indices. This list is exactly the central subhalos, and all subhalos not in this list are by definition satellites. I would do this.

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