info.json files - unable to access Group info / Error 500

Vanja Sarkovic
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  • 8 Aug '17

I have been extracting information about Groups from the API service and the main page (example: seems to be working correctly, but I have been having trouble getting the info.json information (example:

I am now unable to load links for the info.json files, nor download them manually, nor with the GET command in python - it either halts completely or gives an Error 500 problem. After getting a few thousand info.json (for numerous groups in various snapshots), I first encountered the this problem on Sunday eventing (Aug 6). Everything was fine Monday morning (Aug 7), only to stop working again in the afternoon. Tuesday (today, Aug 8) it was working again, until it stopped around 14h (and this is still the case).

I have not changed the code that was extracting info.json for these Groups, and it no longer seems to work even for the groups that I have already gotten information about. I am unsure what I have done wrong, as the code worked before - and is based on the API examples that have been given here.

Thank you for your time!

Dylan Nelson
  • 20 Aug '17

A temporary problem which I believe we have resolved - if not, let me know.

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