"HTTP 500 - Server Error" when accessing Illustris HDF5 snapshot including Gas and DM

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  • 7 Jul '17


I want to download the Illustris HDF5 snapshot including Gas and DM which can be loaded and processed by yt(http://yt-project.org/). Referring to Task 11, I set params = {'dm':'all','gas':'all'}. However, it didn't work and reported 500 Server Error. Did I write it right? If not, how the params should be set? By the way, I'm not sure that the incomplete HDF5 data from Illustris can be loaded by yt.

Thank you and best wishes.

Dylan Nelson
  • 7 Jul '17

Hi Qin,

I think you are finding this same problem as in this thread and also this second thread.

In particular, these are large requests, and I suggest to do them for only 1 field at a time. For example, {'dm':'Coordinates'}, and then separately {'gas':'Masses'}, and then separately anything else you want about the gas. You can rename/combine these files after you download them.

If you really want/need all DM and all gas fields, I suggest you just download the full snapshot files, since you already asking for about 80%. For example, here are the full links for Illustris-1 z=0.

Dylan Nelson
  • 7 Jul '17

As for yt, I am not sure how well it works, I have never used it for Illustris data, but I know some people have.

You should just load the snapshot as a standard Gadget3/SPH file set, and see what happens.

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