How to image the morphology of galaxies with TNG300 to study their z-evolution

Suin Matsui
  • 24 Jun

How can I visualize the morphology of multiple galaxies in TNG300 in each snapshot?
Is it possible to visualize morphology without the snapshot data, or is the group catalog data sufficient for this purpose?

Dylan Nelson
  • 24 Jun

The group catalog has limited information about morphology. In particular, sizes.

There are some other supplementary data catalogs with additional morphological information, such as "(c) Stellar Circularities, Angular Momenta, Axis Ratios", you can look and see if any are useful for what you need.

Otherwise, as you say, you may want to compute morphological measurements from the snapshot data.

Suin Matsui
  • 27 Jun

Thank you for your reply´╝ü
I would like to try using the supplementary data catalogs you mentioned.

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