Too large subhalo

Jinning Liang
  • 23 May

Hi TNG team,

When I was doing some research using my decomposition method, I found some strange galaxies which leads to bad performance of my decomposition. Like ID27447 at snap 96 in TNG100-1. The half-stellar-mass radius is 91.1kpc and total stellar mass is 10^{12.5} Msun. Do we really have such large subhalo? I check the SPH map in the website (below) and it seems like there are many substructures or subhalos. Is it a problem of Subfind algorithm? Are these galaxies common or rare? vis_TNG100-1_subhalo_96_27447_stars_density.png

Best wishes,

Dylan Nelson
  • 25 May

This is the third most massive halo in TNG100-1 at snapshot 96. It is a galaxy cluster with total halo mass ~1e14.5, so you would expect such a large stellar mass as well as large number of satellite subhalos.

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