z-evolution of stars in SubhaloMassInRadType in merger tree.

Suin Matsui

I want to extract only the z evolution of the stars in SubhaloMassInRadType using the merger tree in TNG300.
I tried to extract it with the following code, but I could only extract a one-dimensional array.

trace_mtree(subhalo12[1], snap_in=12, if_prog=False, only_main=True, 
                    fields_in=['SubhaloSFRinRad', 'SubhaloBHMdot', 'SubhaloMass', 'SubhaloMassInRadType'])


Dylan Nelson
  • 19 May

The example scripts walkthrough includes an example of plotting "Total Subhalo Mass" vs snapshot number.

I believe you want to change SubhaloMass to SubhaloMassInRadType[4], to obtain what you want.

Suin Matsui
  • 10 Jun

It worked perfectly. Thank you!

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