How to cross data from Aperture Masses and Stellar Projected Sizes? Stellar Projected Sizes doesn't have SubfindID (or related)

MarĂ­a Granados Buey
  • 10 May


I'm trying to cross data from two different supplementary catalogs: Aperture Masses and Stellar Projected Sizes.

While the Aperture Masses catalog has the field SubfindID, the Stellar Projected Sizes catolog doesn't have any field related that allows me to identify each subhalo. It is just a three-dimensional array of real numbers with 10x5xNsubs elements for each of the eight available snapshots. Is this "Nsubs" the total number of subhalos in the snapshot?

If I assume the index of each row in the dataset (from 0 to Nsubs-1) corresponds to the same SubfindID in Aperture Masses, am I assuming it correctly?

Thanks! I hope you can help me with this!

Dylan Nelson
  • 10 May

That is correct, if a dataset has a size equal to the total number of halos, then the indices are the same as the Subfind IDs.

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