Use illustris_python to analyze merger tree of Gadget-4

Tianning LYU
  • 26 Apr

Dear all,

I have run a pure-DM simulation, using Gadget-4. I try to use illustris_python to analyze it, however it needs offset file. Could you please tell me if it is possible to generate the offset files in Gadget-4?

Best Regards,

Dylan Nelson
  • 28 Apr

The merger tree built in to Gadget-4 is not the same as either of the two merger trees available on this data release (SubLink and LHaloTree) for Illustris and IllustrisTNG.

You would have to read it following any suggestions in the Gadget-4 documentation.

You may also want to try a more general tool such as scida. I'm not sure it can do exactly what you want with Gadget-4 merger trees, but this could be added.

Tianning LYU
  • 29 Apr

Hi Dylan,

Thank you for replying me. I have used ytree to analyze it, it works very well.

Gadget4 documentation says the data structure is almost the same as TNG, so illustris_python might be a good tool for analyzing.


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