How to find the mass of a merger of a particular Subhalo?

Lekshmi Thulasidharan
  • 5 Apr

I am looking at some of the MW/M31 analogues from TNG50 (from this) and I am trying to find the mass of the past mergers involved. I have downloaded the sublinks from this, but I am not sure how to find their masses. Is it possible to qualitatively determine the mass of the merger, like if its more or less massive compared to the primary subhalo from the merger tree provided in the visualization tool?

Dylan Nelson
  • 7 Apr

This is usually referred to as the "merger mass ratio".

There are several possible definitions, and you can measure what you need from the trees. See this thread for some more information and a starting point.

Lekshmi Thulasidharan
  • 2
  • 11 Apr

Thank you!

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