Subfind Mass Fields

Dylan Folsom
  • 3 Apr


I have a quick clarifying question regarding the various mass fields present in the subhalo catalogs: the SubhaloMass field is defined as "the total mass of all member particle/cells which are bound to this Subhalo," while other fields (e.g., SubhaloMassInHalfRad, SubhaloMassInMaxRad, SubhaloMassInRad) are instead defined as "sum of masses of all particles/cells within" various radii.

It seems that the radius-based mass fields don't require that the particles involved in the sum are bound to the subhalos, and that the mass is the total (bound + unbound) mass within these radii. Is this the correct interpretation of these fields, or is the sum only over bound particles?

Dylan Nelson
  • 7 Apr

All Subhalo* fields, including all the masses you mention, are exclusively based on the particles/cells which belong (i.e. are gravitationally bound) to that subhalo.

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