Link star ParticleIDs to the progenitor gas ParticleIDs

Kai Wang
  • 4 Mar


I was wondering how to find the progenitor gas ParticleIDs in previous snapshots for a star ParticleIDs.

I know there might be a mass exchange between gas particles and between star and gas particles, so it is not a strict "progenitor". I am just looking for an approximate "progenitor" to trace the evolution history.

Thank you!

Dylan Nelson
  • 4 Mar

Ideally would use the tracer particles (PartType3) for this. They should be able to give you a true answer.

For an approximate answer, you could try to look at the IDs. If a gas cell is converted into a star, then the ID will be kept. However, gas cells can also spawn new stars (with a fraction of their mass), then I suppose this may not be true. Regardless, you may want to try to just search backwards in time for gas cells with IDs equal to the IDs of the stars you are interested in, and see if this gives reasonable answers.

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