GCs in the subhalo

Akhil Krishna R
  • 31 Jan

Using different criteria, I have selected a sample of galaxies from the TNG50 at z=0. I have been trying to extract the Globular clusters in those subhalos, but I am kind of stuck. Could you please help me with obtaining details about the tagged GCs in these selected subhalos?

I also wonder if, in TNG50, all the GCs are tagged during the infall time. If not, should we rerun the selected subhalos with the initial tagging of GCs? Please understand that I am still in the learning phase with these simulated data, and I apologize if my question reflects any misunderstanding.


Dylan Nelson

Are you using the supplementary data catalog (x) Globular Clusters?

Under "Simulation and snapshot coverage:" there is a description for which halos and subhalos this tagging has been performed for.

Akhil Krishna R
  • 1
  • 13 Feb

Hi, thanks for the reply. I found that the selected subhalos for my study do not belong to the subhalos of the 39 massive host halos with tagged GCs.

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