Customising visualisation tool

Ambica Govind
  • 29 Dec '23

Hi Dylan,
I'm trying to generate images using the tool here :''
I have two questions:

  1. Can I increase the title/ticks/axis labels size in this tool?
  2. What do the fields projection axe and projection depth fraction signify?
Dylan Nelson
  • 2 Jan

By decreasing "raster pixels" (e.g. to 700 or 500) you will (effectively) increase the size of all the labels, fonts, etc.

"Projection axes" is a comma separated list of two integers, e.g. "0,1", "0,2", or "1,2", specifying what axes are the x- and y- directions, and so also what direction the image is looking. Those three cases project in the z, y, and x directions, respectively, because the other two axes are assigned to the x- and y- directions of the image.

"Projection depth fraction" is how deep the image is, i.e. how far it goes along the projection direction. If "size in units of" is rVirial, then 1.0 means 1rvir, and 0.5 means e.g. +/- only half the virial radius. If the units are kpc, this is just kpc.

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