sqrt(a) in velocity units

ML van Loon
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  • 6 Dec '23

I am currently working with the TNG100 simulation data. In the particle data (e.g. PartType4), the velocities are in units of km*sqrt(a)/s. Where does the sqrt(a) come from? I would expect either km/s (peculiar velocity) or km*a/s (comoving velocity). If you were to calculate the angular momentum, how would you use the velocity? Would you divide or multiply by sqrt(a) or leave it as is?

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Dylan Nelson
  • 6 Dec '23

This is essentially a historical fact, due to how velocities are stored internally in the code. It has been the same since Gadget-2 in 2005. You can see additional details in the Gadget-2 users guide (page 32), and remains the same in AREPO and Gadget-4.

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