Visualization algorithm

Joanna Woo
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  • 28 Nov '23

I've been trying to reproduce some of the maps rendered by the visualization API. I've been looking for information on the visualization algorithm and cannot find it anywhere, other than that it uses "standard SPH kernel projection techniques." Specifically, I would like to know:

  • What smoothing length is used for gas, stars and DM? Is it SubfindHsml, StellarHsml and SubfindHsml respectively? Some fraction of those numbers?
  • What kernel shape is used? Cubic spline? Gaussian? other? Different kernels for different particle types?
  • Anything else important that the API uses that I should know?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Dylan Nelson
  • 29 Nov '23

This uses the SPH cubic spline kernel with h parameter equal to

  • gas: 2.5 times the cell radius (spherical volume equivalent)
  • stars: 1.0 times StellarHsml (NGB=32 nearest radius)
  • DM: 0.5 times SubfindHsml (i.e. NGB=64 nearest radius)
Joanna Woo
  • 6 Dec '23


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