The value of the SubhaloVmaxRad

Xingyao Cai
  • 23 Nov '23

Dear Dylan:

I am investigating a galaxy using TNG-50 simulation, but some problems occur while loading the SubhaloVmaxRad field.

Parameters: TNG-50, Snapshot = 99, SubhaloID = 117251.


And we get 'SubhaloVmax': 467.4908, 'SubhaloVmaxRad': 0.90542245, 'SubhaloMassInMaxRad': 4.599781, Considering the Unit ckpc/h, this seems too small for a subhalo with 'SubhaloMass': 365.9707.

So why does this subhalo have such a small VmaxRad ?
Thanks for you kindly help.


Dylan Nelson
  • 24 Nov '23

I would suggest to plot the actual rotation curve of this subhalo and take a look. Perhaps the automated way of determining Vmax and VmaxRad went wrong in this case (i.e. some bump or strange feature), and can be easily fixed.

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