Particle number unmatched

Jinning Liang
  • 17 Nov '23

Hi TNG team,

I am doing some analysis using TNG50-1-Dark. I found that particle number loaded by il.snapshot.loadSubhalo and il.groupcat.loadSubhalos are different. 截屏2023-11-17 16.05.12.png截屏2023-11-17 16.05.59.png

You can see that il.groupcat.loadSubhalos gives the same particle number as the website searching gives. But if I load by il.snapshot.loadSubhalo, there is large difference. While I check that my data is complete and correct (using sha256sum -c checksums.txt ), I am wondering why this happens? The ID of this example is 184685 at redshift 1 (snapshot=50). Not all galaxies have this situation but some of them do show the difference.

Best wishes,

Jinning Liang
  • 19 Nov '23

I solved the problem. That's because my offsets files have some problem

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