Download idealized images from Bottrell+ (2023)

Maxime Paillassa
  • 15 Nov '23


I am looking to download idealized images only of the Bottrell+ (2023) data (, i.e. all the files in the directories with X from 0 to 3 and YY from 72 to 91 ? What would be the best way to do it ?


Dylan Nelson
  • 15 Nov '23

The "idealized" image set for TNG50-1 is 7.5TB in total, are you sure you really want to download everything? I would suggest to start e.g. with one snapshot.

407G    ./086
390G    ./082
338G    ./074
414G    ./087
395G    ./083
345G    ./075
418G    ./088
350G    ./076
327G    ./072
432G    ./090
425G    ./089
355G    ./077
436G    ./091
358G    ./078
400G    ./084
373G    ./080
368G    ./079
405G    ./085
380G    ./081
333G    ./073
7.5T    .

At the top of the Getting Started guide, you see an example wget command. It downloads (all the individual files of) a group catalog, but if you just change the URL to one of the Bottrell API urls filled with links, that should work.

Maxime Paillassa
  • 16 Nov '23

Thanks for your answer. Yes I know the whole data is 7.5TB and I'll go with a single snapshot first.

I can download individual files such as but is there a way to download, e.g., one snapshot at once:
I can't get a proper wget command to do this.


Dylan Nelson
  • 16 Nov '23

The command on the linked page works, e.g.

wget -nd -nc -nv -e robots=off -l 1 -r -A fits --content-disposition --header="API-Key: {KEY}" ""
Maxime Paillassa
  • 16 Nov '23

Oh yes indeed thanks ! I don't know what I missed previously...

Dylan Nelson
  • 16 Nov '23

Probably changing -A hdf5 to -A fits, which I guess specifies which file extensions to actually try to download.

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