"HI" fields in the "Visualize Galaxies and Halos" tool

yu lei
  • 6 Sep '23

Dear all,
I am trying to use the tool Visualize Galaxies and Halos to get some information about HI and H2. I find there are some fields about HI,
1) but where can I find the detailed explanations for this fields?
2) How can I download the data instead of the figure.Snipaste_2023-09-06_12-42-50.png

Dylan Nelson
  • 6 Sep '23

These HI and H2 calculations are from the models described in Popping et al. 2019. You can find all the details there.

If you want to download the "data" in terms of the 2D projections (column densities), you can do this in the visualize tool.

If you want to download the underlying data, which are the HI and H2 mass fractions per gas cell in the entire simulation, this data was never made public. It is quite large. If you really want it, I can try to work on it (but no promises). You could also implement the calculations described in that paper - they are not too complex.

yu lei
  • 7 Sep '23

Thank you very much! I will read this paper.

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