Adjacent SubhaloIDs mean adjacent Galaxies?

Thắng Huỳnh
  • 18 Aug '23

Dear all,

I have a question that does it mean if the SubhaloIDs adjacent to each other, they tend to be close? Take example in the paper of Patton+ 2020, I notice that in figure 2, their interacting pairs have IDs go right after each other (356678-356679, 490053-490054) or not too far away (220559-220580, 371013-371016). I think they are all belong to same HaloIDs, but if it is so, does it means SubhaloIDs from different HaloIDs will not be close to each other?

Thank you in advance,
Thang Huynh

Dylan Nelson
  • 18 Aug '23

All the subhalos of a given halo will have consecutive IDs, so they will also be close in space.

However, two subhalos with consecutive IDs are not necessarily close in space: the two could be occupying two different halos, e.g. the last satellite of the first halo, plus the central of the second halo.

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