Electron Number Density Conversion

Thắng Huỳnh
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  • 7 Aug '23

As stated in the Data Specifications, the electron number density can be calculated as:

n_e = ElectronAbundance ∗ n_H, where n_H = X_H ∗ ρ/m_p

So in this formula, I know that X_H=0.76 is the hydrogen mass fraction. How about the ρ and m_p?

Thank you in advance,
Thang Huynh

Dylan Nelson
  • 9 Aug '23

rho is the symbol for mass density, i.e. PartType0/Density (in the appropriate units).

m_p is the proton mass.

Thắng Huỳnh
  • 9 Aug '23

Oh I see, thank you very much for your information.

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