API not downloading all the PartTypes/parameters

Bridget Ratcliffe
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  • 24 Jul '23


I am trying to use the API to download stellar particles in subhalo cutouts of the MW/M31 sample. If I download the cutout to my laptop ("http://www.tng-project.org/api/TNG50-1/snapshots/99/subhalos/388544/cutout.hdf5") I get all the PartTypes and parameters correctly. If I try to use the API, I only get PartType1, even if I specify "stars":"all" in the parameters. Can you please help so I can use the API? My code is below.


def get(path, params=None):
    # make HTTP GET request to path
    headers = {"api-key":"bc6386f16cf0549b68ef46fc58e44751"}
    r = requests.get(path, params=params, headers=headers)

    # raise exception if response code is not HTTP SUCCESS (200)

    if r.headers['content-type'] == 'application/json':
        return r.json() # parse json responses automatically

    if 'content-disposition' in r.headers:
        filename = r.headers['content-disposition'].split("filename=")[1]
        with open(filename, 'wb') as f:
        return filename # return the filename string

    return r

params = {'stars':'all'}
fname = get('http://www.tng-project.org/api/TNG50-1/snapshots/99/subhalos/388544/cutout.hdf5', params)
f = h5py.File(fname, 'r')
print(f.keys()) # outputs <KeysViewHDF5 ['Header', 'PartType1']>
Dylan Nelson
  • 25 Jul '23

Note that you will find the cutouts for the MW/M31 sample on that page. These are special cutouts, with additional information which is not available in the normal snapshots. I would suggest them.

For the subhalo 388544, its corresponding cutout is available here:


If you want to download general cutouts (of any subhalo), then the syntax you give above is correct. In particular, the link:


downloads (for me) a HDF5 file with only PartType4.

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