Radius used for Photometrics

Anindita Nandi
  • 17 Jul '23

I wish to study the relationship between different galaxy properties, e.g. mass, metallicity, SFR and colour, in different cosmic web environments. I was thinking of downloading the 'SubhaloMassInRad', 'SubhaloGasMetallicity', 'SubhaloSFRinRad' and 'SubhaloStellarPhotometrics' for that purpose. I found that 'SubhaloMassInRad', 'SubhaloGasMetallicity' and 'SubhaloSFRinRad' are defined within twice the half mass radius. However, there was no such information about the radius for 'SubhaloStellarPhotometrics'.
Can the 'SubhaloStellarPhotometrics' data be used within the same radius ( twice the half mass radius) ? If so, how can I do that?


Dylan Nelson
  • 18 Jul '23

Note that the first fields you list use a radius of twice the -stellar- half mass radius.

As the documentation for SubhaloStellarPhotometrics, it sums "all stars" (in the entire subhalo).

If you would like similar quantities, but only within a given radius, you would need to compute them from the star particles.

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