Globular Clusters and compact dwarfs galaxies

Mario Nonino
  • 27 Jun '23

Hi, I'm using JWST NIRCAM images to search both GC and compact dwarf galaxies
in a massive Cluster at z~0.4 and I would be vary happy to explore the full
power of TNG simulations stellar mass range say 10^6 10^8 Any suggestion
tips how to do that
Thanks a lot in advance

Dylan Nelson
  • 28 Jun '23

Hi Mario,

For such low stellar mass systems, I think that TNG50-1 is the only simulation of relevance. It will give you at least the possibility of characterizing such objects.

TNG50-1 does not have many massive clusters. At z=0.4 the most massive halo as a halo mass of 10^14.0, and there are several others with e.g. 10^13.8, 10^13.7. So I would suggest to look at the first few most massive halos at this snapshot, and consider their low stellar mass galaxy populations.

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