Seed used in GenIC

Adam Rouhiainen
  • 22 Jun '23

I would like to know if I could find the seed value originally used in GenIC for TNG300. I'm aware that I can download the initial conditions position and velocity, but I'm looking for the actual seed value inputted into GenIC. Thanks!

Dylan Nelson
  • 25 Jun '23

HI Adam,

The seeds are:

%Seed             5463      %  L75* (TNG100)
%Seed            8458657   % L35* (TNG50)
%Seed             2695896   % L205* (TNG300)

Although a modified version of N-GenIC was used to make the TNG ICs, I think it likely that the public version has the same noise field specifications, so that you should be able to make an IC with the same perturbations. Let me know!

Adam Rouhiainen
  • 26 Jun '23

I can verify for TNG300 that they do match. Thank you for finding this for me.

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