sup. Catalog BH merger TNG300-1: Disappearing BH IDs that are not in the Catalog

Peer Kuhlbrodt
  • 8 Jun '23

I have a question regarding the supplementary Data Catalog "Blackhole mergers" for the TNG300-1 simulation.
In the simulation I can identify Blackholes (resp. their IDs) in one snapshot, that are not existing in the next snapshot. With the supplementary catalog i can identify most of these IDs as ID_in blackholes of a merger event and therefore they are not existing in the following snapshot.

But there are IDs that disappear but are not in the supplementary Catalog. I was looking at three of this "dissappearing" IDs and could even identify blackholes that are close, existing in the next snapshot and have a massgrow so are possibly a merger partner.

Are there any specific Reasons why these Events are not classified as an merger event in the supplementary Catalog?

I was looking at following IDs in Snapshot 7, that are not existing in snapshot 8 (left) and their possible merger partners (right):
104573038153 - 115625338668
107303752434 - 115627537587
115630320986 - 115641038132
These are the examples i was looking at in Detail but there are more examples.

Thank you very much for your help.

Dylan Nelson
  • 8 Jun '23

Perhaps you could look "by hand" and determine what happens to these particular cases?

If you look in snapshot 7 at all SMBHs with spatial positions close to your cases, then look at snapshot 8 and see e.g. that the BH_Progs field of the remaining SMBH increments, (and if there are no other nearby SMBHs), you could conclude that they did merge.

To be honest I am not sure why the supplementary data catalog could be failing, but in general this catalog is brittle (as indicated by the "missing gaps" note) and may have to be used in an approximate/partially complete sense.

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