List of all FoF group halo IDs

Richard Stiskalek
  • 6 Jun '23


Is there some way to obtain all all halo IDs ("hid") for which I can load their particles via the function below please? Is that the ID of the group's first subhalo? If so, then it seems that for some of those I occasionally get an error.

il.snapshot.loadHalo(basepath, 99, hid, "dm")

Thank you!

Dylan Nelson
  • 6 Jun '23

The list of all Halo IDs in a given group catalog is simply np.arange(nHalos) where nHalos is the number of halos (you can get it from loadHeader()).

The "group's first subhalo" i.e. GroupFirstSub is a Subhalo ID, not a Halo ID.

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