List of Slow Rotators IDs in TNG50/100 simulations

Vishal Verma
  • 24 May '23


I am looking for a source (supplementary TNG module/reference paper) that lists the Slow Rotators by ID in the TNG50/100 simulations. I am looking at a specific redshift of z=0.2.
Does any such work exist?

The closest thing I could find is the supplementary TNG module located at:, which provides specific angular momentum values for a galaxy. However, I don't believe they explicitly classify a galaxy as a slow or fast rotator.

Any help on this is much appreciated, thanks!

Dylan Nelson
  • 25 May '23

I'd suggest to email Claudia Pulsoni and ask if her catalog from Pulsoni+2020 could be made available.

Vishal Verma
  • 25 May '23

Thanks a lot Dylan!

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