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Sloka Bhushan
  • 16 May '23

Good evening,I have another question for a possible project using Illustris-TNG.
Recently, I've been reading up on dm haloes and UDGs. I was wondering if the simulation could be used to do the following
: -Establish a relationship of some sort between the mass of central black holes and their corresponding dm halo mass (I have seen some, albeit limited literature on this, and Illustris-TNG was not used as far as I know)
-Use this relationship to see if a possible black hole at the center of UDGs can explain their irregular dark matter halos Do let me know!

Dylan Nelson
  • 16 May '23

There are likely a few studies of M_BH vs M_halo in TNG, one is Truong+ (2020) - see e.g. Fig 2.

In general, you're right there is (generically) a strong correlation between these two correlations. Understanding if the scatter i.e. outliers are related to stellar surface brightness or other UDG-related properties would be interesting, not yet done as far as I know.

There are quite a few UDG related papers written with TNG, I would make sure to search through the Results page for the word "ultra" and check which are relevant for you.

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