Dark Matter Density Slices

Diego Stalder
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  • 9 Apr '17

Dear all, is there a way to perform a cutout in the box to obtain only particles in a 15Mpc thick slice (eg. https://wwwmpa.mpa-garching.mpg.de/galform/virgo/millennium/)?

Thanks in advance.


ps. this is my simple python query

base_url = "http://www.illustris-project.org/api/Illustris-1/"

sim_metadata = get(base_url)

params = {'dm':'Coordinates'}


for i in range(sim_metadata['num_files_snapshot']):



file_url = base_url + "files/snapshot-"+str(snapNum)+"." + str(i) + ".hdf5"

saved_filename = get(file_url, params)

print saved_filename
Dylan Nelson
  • 11 Apr '17

Hi Diego,

There isn't any such functionality available remotely. So the only way is as you have it already, downloading the entire Coordinates for the particle type(s) and making your selection locally.

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