Retrive star formation history (SFR at each z) of individual galaxies in the simulation

Lorenzo Cavallo
  • 16 Feb '23

Hi there,

i am tring to compute the SFH of individual galaxies in the simulation.
I would like to have the SFH of each galaxy that reaches z=0 is it possible in a simple way?

To do that i would need the merger history of all the galaxies at z=0 and the SFR of all the progenitors at the various redshifts...

Many thanks for considering my request.


Dylan Nelson
  • 18 Feb '23

You can compute the SFH of a galaxy in two ways:

(i) load all the star particles at z=0, in particular the GFM_StellarFormationTime field. A histogram of this is the SFH.

(ii) you can trace the subhalo of that galaxy through time using the merger tree. at each snapshot you can save the SFR of the progenitor(s), either following the main progenitor branch, or summing up over all the progenitors. this is also the SFH.

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