[wget] on Snapdata-99 [16th] and [24th] slices of Illustris-1-TNG Dark throw 403 Forbidden.

André Barbosa
  • 3
  • 28 Dec '22

Hi Dylan,

while trying to wget the SnapData99 for Illustris-TNG100-Dark with the command:

wget -nd -nc -nv -e robots=off -l 1 -r -A hdf5 --content-disposition --header="API-Key: xyz_my_key_xyz" "http://www.tng-project.org/api/TNG100-1-Dark/files/snapshot-99/?format=api"

Basically, these 2 files are throwing this error:


The loading process skips over the 16th and 24th slices against which it throws a 403 Forbidden ERROR.
All the other slices (have been) downloading just fine - started this process yesterday.


Dylan Nelson
  • 3 Jan '23

Hi Andre,

Have you simply tried to download those 2 files again? It works fine for me, now.

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