TNG100 snapshot099 loadSubhalo error

Daeun Jeong
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  • 30 Nov '22


I'm trying to load the particle data of TNG100-1 using loadSubhalo as follows.

subhalo_ss_star = il.snapshot.loadSubhalo(basePath, snapNum=99,id=sub_id,partType='stars',fields=None)

This works for some subhaloes.
However, this gives ValueError like below for other some subhaloes.

ValueError: could not broadcast input array from shape (571467,3) into shape (181244,3)

I used this form for TNG50-1 snapshot099, and it works well.
It is weird that this gives the error only for TNG100.

Currently, I am checking the chunk files to identify whether the problem comes from the snapshot files which are not fully downloaded.
Please give me some advice, if available.

Best Regards,
Daeun Jeong

Daeun Jeong
  • 30 Nov '22

That was the offset issue. It works after downloading the offset file again.

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