Stellar potential energy in TNG100-1

Richard Anslow
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  • 16 Nov '22


I have been trying to understand the Potential field for stellar particles in subhaloes and I have noticed that for some subhaloes, the potential becomes greater than zero for a large number of particles (I have attached an image to show this below).


I have seen a similar question before ( and can see how global effects can lead to an offset in the potential, but struggle to understand how the potential could end up positive. Would you be able to offer any help on how best to understand this?

Best wishes,

Dylan Nelson
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  • 17 Nov '22

I don't have much insight to offer, except that a positive value for Potential is ok.

If you are interested in more details of what Potential means in the context of the gravitational force calculation in a cosmological simulation, you could look at either the public AREPO code or the public GADGET-4 code. The Potential definition, usage, and so on, will be as the same as in the TNG simulations (which were run with AREPO).

Richard Anslow
  • 21 Nov '22

Hi Dylan,

Thanks very much for the quick reply and sending those references through.

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