403 Forbidden when downloading my files

Xingyao Cai
  • 12 Nov '22

Hi, Dylan:

Thank you for your help last time! Now I can read the data I need!

But when I tried to download the data in the workspace to the server, a new problem occurred.

I saved my data (data.npy) in my workspace, tar it(data.npy.tar.gz), and prepared to download it to my server for processing. I opened jupyterlab in the browser of my laptop, copied the download link, and used the server to run

wget "[the download link]"

But returns

ERROR 403: Forbidden.

How can I download these tar.gz files? Thank you for your help. :D


Dylan Nelson
  • 12 Nov '22

In general you cannot connect to the Lab from "outside", you can only connect from the Lab to outside.

So it won't work to run a wget command on your own laptop or server.

Instead, you can (a) use rsync within the Lab to send the file to your server, or (b) if the file is small, just use browser and the Lab to download it, e.g. right-click on the file on the left, and say Download.

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