Using GIPSY to calculate baryonic rotation curves

Luke Robbins
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  • 3 Nov '22

I need to convert a surface density profile Sigma(R) into a rotation
curve V(R) -- to do this I need to use a function ROTMOD, available as part of
the GIPSY installation. Is it possible to get this software installed so that I may
use it on the jupyter interface you provide? I tried myself but ran into
permissions issues etc.

Thanks very much,

Dylan Nelson
  • 4 Nov '22

I have never used Gipsy, but in the Lab it is possible to use/install any software.

You would need to install it "as a normal user", and not "as root".

It looks like Gipsy may be quite non-standard, so this may be hard to achieve. You may need to edit parts of the installation/compilation scripts, for example.

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