gaseous mass in subhalos Blana
  • 26 Oct '22

Hello Dylan,
I have been analysing the gas in subhalos in TNG50,TNG100 (using for example SubhaloMassInHalfRadType) and I noticed some have gas masses of exactly zero. Being Arepo a grid code, is this because the values are extremely low and are rounded to 0., or are calculated using the bound gaseous material, which is 0.?

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Matias BlaƱa

Dylan Nelson
  • 27 Oct '22

All gas cells in these simulations have roughly the same mass (they are maintained within a factor of +/- 2, approximately).

So the reason is the second: the mass of a subhalo for a given particle/cell type is the sum of the masses of all particles/cells of that type which are members of that subhalo. If Subfind determines that no gas belongs (i.e. is gravitationally bound) to a subhalo, then its gas mass will be zero. Blana
  • 28 Oct '22

Wonderful, thank you!

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