Recovering deleted notebook

Aniruddha Madhava
  • 25 Oct '22

Good morning,
I was working on a notebook in the JupyterLab workspace and was trying to delete some files that were produced by the notebook. However, in doing so, the actual notebook itself got deleted. Considering that any deletes are permanent, would there still be a chance to recover the notebook? Unfortunately, I do not have the notebook downloaded locally so my only option would be to rewrite the code.
Thank you so much.

Dylan Nelson
  • 25 Oct '22


Unfortunately not, everything in the Lab spaces is on a temporary filesystem, with no backups.

I would suggest in the future to always keep code, and data, separate. Then you can add your code to a git repository, and push this (e.g. once a day) to github, so that you always have a backup.

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