Internal Server Error: 500

Matan Grauer
  • 20 Oct '22

As I try to get into JupyterLab, I get "Internal Server Error: 500".
Are my saved data and code safe?
And how long it would last. If you can estimate?


Dylan Nelson
  • 20 Oct '22

Dear Matan,

This seems to be working ok again, let me know if you still have problems.

Please be aware of the warning about the JupyterLab, this is not a joke:

Please note: this service is presently experimental and we provide no guarantees of any kind. In particular, we cannot currently guarantee any level of uninterrupted access or resource availability -- e.g. the service may be down and/or non-functional at times, it may not be possible to complete a particular computation, and all data should be considered temporary and not backed up.

If you cannot live with losing what you have there, you should make a backup.

Matan Grauer
  • 20 Oct '22

Thank you, I will make a backup!

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