Recreating Sersic Fits as done in Observations for TNG300-1

Hasitha Eranda
  • 15 Sep '22


I'm trying to fit sersic fits for surface brightness profile as done in observations(Like GALFit). I have a couple of questions,

1) How do I get image flux at pixel values for a halo and their uncertainties?
2) Is there a way to get synthetic images for TNG300-1? I know there is for TNG100-1?

I have done it just using luminosity particle data but I want to follow what's done in observations. I have followed a couple of methods but non of them uses uncertainties in the fit.
Thank you

Dylan Nelson
  • 18 Sep '22

Hi Hasitha,

To make synthetic images using stellar light, you can either use one of the available supplementary data catalogs, or make your own. You are right that most synthetic image datasets are for TNG100 or TNG50, and there are no pre-made datasets for TNG300.

Finally, although you can obtain/calculate pixel values for flux (or luminosity), there will be no uncertainty. The only way synthetic images would have uncertainty is if you add e.g. noise yourself.

Hasitha Eranda
  • 21 Sep '22

Hi Dylan,

Thank you

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