Cannot get into Jupyter Workspace

Hangci Du
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  • 8 Aug '22

It works nice minutes earlier, while now whenever click 'Launch Now',

I just get stuck on URL with a blank page,

no matter how many times I refresh it.

Screen Shot 2022-08-08 at 12.30.53 PM.png

Hangci Du
  • 9 Aug '22

Dear Hangci,

I have restarted it, now seems to be working ok.

It was quite slow to start, I commented out some things in your .bashrc file. You can try to re-enable them if you like.

Although it’s great you use it in such an advanced way, keep in mind the Lab is meant to be a lightweight, small system. If you want to do such extensive customization of the environment, you should consider using your own system, and using the Lab just to download/extract the data of interest.

Dylan Nelson

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