Connection error in the Lab

Mitali Damle
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  • 28 Jul '22

Hi Dylan,

Since yesterday I have been getting a Connection error whenever I try to use the following command--

"*r = get(baseUrl)*"

Along with this, jupyter also throws up few other errors like

* gaierror (Temporary failure in name resolution) 

* NewConnectionError 

* MaxRetryError.

Things were working quite fine a couple of days ago and I have not changed any settings in my notebook. Could you please help me with this issue? Thanks!

Dylan Nelson
  • 29 Jul '22

HI Mitali,

Yes several people have pointed out that, for a few days now, you cannot make "outgoing" network connections from within the Lab. I hope to fix this soon - please try it again in a few days.

Dylan Nelson
  • 1 Aug '22

Should be all fixed.

Mitali Damle
  • 1 Aug '22

It all works fine now, thanks a lot:)

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