Loading spatial coordinates of particles using JupyterLab Workspace

Aniruddha Madhava
  • 14 Jul '22

Good afternoon,
I would like to obtain the coordinates of all the dark matter and gas particles in the Illustris-3 data set. When I run the same commands as in this website: (https://www.tng-project.org/data/docs/scripts/), I end up with an error message saying that "No such file or directory". Could this be because the website deals with downloaded data whereas in the workspace, I haven't explicitly downloaded it? If so, what is the solution to this error.
Thank you so much,

Dylan Nelson
  • 15 Jul '22

Hi Aniruddha,

Yes, because the data is simply available, there is no need to download it. You just need to specify the correct path.

Please look at the tutorial.ipynb notebook in the examples folder.

Aniruddha Madhava
  • 20 Jul '22

Good evening,
I see. Thank you so much for the assistance!

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