Select particles in spatial region (memory error)

Rodrigo Freitas
  • 2 Jul '22


I would like to get the masses of all gas particles inside spheres at specific points of the simulation box.
However, when a try to run il.snapshot.loadSubset() to get all the particles in the box, the notebook in JupyterLab just crashes.

Is this a memory cap? Is there a more efficient way to load particles in specific limited regions of the simulation? (Without loading all particles in the box)

PS: I am trying this at TNG50-1 data, loading just the Coordinates field.

Thank you in advance!

Dylan Nelson
  • 4 Jul '22

Hi Rodrigo,

Please see this thread where we discussed the same challenge.

In short, the gas Coordinates of TNG50-1 is ~225 GB, which is very large (too large to load at once in the Lab). So you would want to do a "chunked" load, i.e. piece by piece, calculating what you need.

Once you are outside the FoF particles/cells, there isn't any way to find additional (nearby) particles/cells, without loading the whole snapshot.

Rodrigo Freitas
  • 4 Jul '22

Oh, I see...

I will check this "chunked" approach.

Thank you!

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