Interactive Merger Trees

Kaitlyn Shavelle
  • 28 Jun '22


On the Illustris Data Access Background/Details page, it is stated that a merger tree tool is available: "As a demonstration of the potential of rich client applications built on top of the Illustris API, the above figure shows a snapshot of the current available interface for interactively exploring the merger trees." Where can I find this tool online? I see links to the other online tools described (Subhalo Search Form and Explorer), but not the merger tree tool... Is this same tool available for the TNG simulations? I see the merger tree visualization as PNG for selected subhalos/snapshots but am not sure how to access an interactive tree...

Please advise. Thanks!

  • Kate Shavelle
Dylan Nelson
  • 28 Jun '22

You can find this, for example, on any results page in the Subhalo Search. It is launched by clicking the little tree icon:


on each row.

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